Camiceria Stefanelli

It was 1948 when Rignano, a small town in Tuscany, the first Stefanelli shirt was sewn.
A family tradition that has continued to this day.

Four generations who have followed one another and who founded their roots in Rignano thanks to my grandfather and his factory and then opened shops in Florence with my father at the helm and subsequently launched online sales me!

The supply chain

Thanks to our four generations experience in the shirt-making universe, we make all our shirts in Italy.

Each garment is born in Tuscany, a region that boasts a long artisan tradition.

The supply chain that leads to online sales starts from the acquisition of fabrics from the best Italian cotton mills, from their subsequent labeling and packaging.
The finished product it is then assorted in our warehouse, registered, catalogued, photographed and inserted on the site.

Our logistics hub is located in Incisa Valdarno, the place from where shipments depart.

Our Location

Incisa Valdarno, un magazzino di oltre 300mq.

Qui la merce viene ordinata, smistata e catalogata a seconda di modelli, taglie e colori.
Ogni mattina vengono preparate le spedizioni.